Dundonald vigilante group confronts local ‘Predator’


An angry mob confronted a man in the Dundonald area whom they believed to be a Predator.

A video viewed thousands of times online shows the ‘beast’ facing accusations from a vigilante group.

The ‘Predator’ was accused of arranging to meet a human decoy so that he might take their skull as a trophy.

The group recorded the sting on a mobile phone whilst they presented the towering brute with the mountain of evidence they had compiled against him.

Addressing the baying mob on his porch, the man exposed his arthropod-like mandibles before roaring, ‘Fuck away off round yer own door’.

The crowd then drew various weapons including knuckle-dusters, baseball bats and a M134 six-barreled machine gun – which they claimed were for the Predator’s own safety.

The ‘Predator’ then activated what eye-witnesses described, as some sort of camouflage cloaking device before scaling the wall of his three bedroom semi.

However, a spokesman for the PSNI last night confirmed that an arrest was made.

‘A 49-year-old Yautja was arrested on suspicion of attempting to remove a man’s skull. But after a chat down the station, all the boys were satisfied this man was NOT a Predator’.

The spokesman also had a message for these so-called hunter groups.

‘For fuck sake, knock it on the head. You’re making us look bad’.

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