Vladimir Putin phones into The Nolan Show


An irate Vladimir Putin rang into The Nolan Show this morning and got into a heated debate with presenter Stephen Nolan.

The Russian president said he was ‘pure raging’ at how he’d been portrayed by the Western media and wanted to set the record straight.

‘What about our community?’, responded Putin, when quizzed by Nolan about his invasion of Ukraine.

‘Invading former Soviet states is part of our culture’.

‘The Russian fleg should be flown above Kyivrada 365 days a year’.

The 69-year-old also described the sanctions imposed upon Russia as ‘two-tier global policing’ by the West.

‘What about Themuns in America?’.

‘They’ve invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. But sure naffin’ happened about that?’.

The conversation got even more heated when a Loyalist caller accused Putin of putting the already crippled NI economy under increased strain.

‘My electric bill would be through the roof – if it wasn’t for the magnet I had on the meter’, raged 54-year-old Chuck Stone.

‘And yous needn’t think I’ll be taking any Ukrainian kids into my home either’.

‘If I don’t pay for my own kids, I’ll hardly be paying to keep somebody else’s’.

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