Julian Simmons denies close links to Kremlin as Ukraine crisis escalates

Former UTV presenter Julian Simmons has strenuously denied allegations he has ever had links to, or worked for, the Russian government after leaked texts revealed he visited the Kremlin.

In the wake if the allegations, TUV leader Jim Allister has called for sanctions to be imposed upon the long-serving continuity announcer.

‘Grab his assets’, Tweeted Allister.

‘Squeeze him where it hurts and watch him squirm’, added the 68-year-old.

Julian Simmons, real name Julian Simmons, rose to fame in the 1980s when he started talking like a ‘mill-beg’ while introducing Coronation Street storylines on UTV.

Since then, the colourful presenter has become as synonymous with Northern Irish television as news bulletins about punishment beatings or shows about rambling in the countryside which are shite.

Last week, a Sunday newspaper expose claimed that Simmons had ties to Vladimir Putin after leaked text messages showed the presenter arranging a trip to the Russian government’s headquarters in Moscow.

But now, the voice actor has rubbished the rumours and even provided a receipt to prove his innocence.

‘Take a luk at thon’, said Simmons, brandishing a bar receipt.

‘D’ya think the Kremlin in Moscow sells jugs of Fat Frog?’.

‘Nai, sling yer hook. And tell that wee ballix Allister to keep his bucket shut or I’ll fly up til Ballymena and trail the wig clean aff him’, he added.


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