Sea turtle ‘JC’ who refused Covid vaccine denied entry to Gran Canaria

A rare sea turtle flown by Aer Lingus to Gran Canria has been denied entry after it emerged he refused both Covid-19 vaccinations.

The turtle, real name Julius Caesar or JC to his mates, is originally from Portaferry but was forced from the area several weeks ago by local paramilitaries for his involvement in robbing a Shell petrol station.

JC boarded an Aer Lingus flight in Dublin yesterday morning after booking two-weeks all-inclusive at the luxury 5-star Tarifa Hotel.

However, when the marine reptile arrived at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport he was apprehended by customs officials.

Onlookers claim JC was wearing Celtic shorts and sliders when he was slowly escorted out of the terminal.

The turtle later took to Facebook to vent his fury at being denied entry to the Spanish island.

‘Nat a danger I’ll be lettin’ yer man Bill Scates with a tracking microchip’, he wrote on the internet using his GPS activated device he voluntarily carries on his person at all times.

‘Thon cheeky Spanish bastards at the airport are lucky they didn’t get double-jabbed in the fuckin’ chops’.

‘Absalootly disgusted after shellin’ out for 2 weeks all-inclusive but there ya go. At least I’m nat a sheep like the rest of them’.

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