‘Why should I give a sh*t about Notre Dame when the French didn’t care about our Primark?’ asks Belfast woman

A West Belfast woman is refusing to give a shit about the Notre Dame fire because of a perceived lack of French sympathy when our Primark went up in flames last August.

Mother-of-five Ashleigh Burns, made the claim while watching a news bulletin about the huge fire that engulfed the medieval cathedral yesterday.

As thousands of people gathered in the streets tearfully observing the flames in silence, Ashleigh was less than sympathetic.

‘I didn’t see any a lemuns shed a f**kin tear when our wee Primark caught fire’, remarked Ashleigh.

‘A mean luk at the state of this Betty Boop nighty I’ve on me? It’s about a year old’, she said while poking her acrylic nails through several holes.

‘I didn’t see any a lem gurny French f**kers sending usuns any sacks or knickers. Hell slap it in til lem’.

This week’s offer from Fletchers

Ashleigh also refused to acknowledge the significance of the fire or that any invaluable heritage had been destroyed.

‘I watched that ler Disney film about Quasimojo with the kids and it was pure shite. Nowhere near as good as Frozen’, she quipped.

The 46-year-old housewife had some strong words for those charged with restoring Primark to its former glory.

‘Get the f**kin finger out naiiiiiii’, she barked.

‘Sooner the place reopens the better. I need to make a wee start on Christmas and get a few wee knick-knacks in’.

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