Belfast Zoo charged with animal cruelty after naming baby giraffe ‘Ballysally’


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Belfast Zoo has been charged with a string of animal cruelty offences after they named a new-born giraffe ‘Ballysally’. 

Neja the giraffe gave birth to the herd’s newest female Rothschild’s giraffe on 5th February.

However, the fifth-time mother’s joy was short-lived when evil zoo workers named the calf after a housing estate in Coleraine.

As a result, Ballysally has been disowned by her mother and has been fending for herself ever since.

Animal welfare officers stormed the zoo following an anonymous tip-off and made the grizzly discovery.

Describing one of the worst animal cruelty cases of recent times, welfare officer Nelly L’fant said:

‘I’ve investigated the Chipperfields and the Russian Circus – but I’ve never witnessed cruelty such as this’.

‘To name such a beautiful creature after a shit-hole is beyond sick’.

Ballysally was taken away by animal welfare officers to a safe place where her condition is said to be ‘stable but scundered’.

In a statement released on her Twitter account, Ballysally said:

‘Why couldn’t they have called me Hillsborough or Holywood? Something like Malone or Cultra perhaps?

‘The other animals were ripping the piss clean out of me’.

‘Imagine being named after the f**king kip where they filmed that documentary with the fella who said he painted his living walls ‘Proddy Orange’.

‘My ma’s disowned me and my da said he was going to the shop for twenty fegs and hasn’t been seen since’.

‘Suppose it could be worse. They could’ve called me Newtownards?’, she added.

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