Dundonald woman charged with ‘GHB’

A Dundonald woman has been charged with GHB after a drink-fuelled night out with friends.

Helen McMelter was celebrating a friend’s divorce in Benedicts Hotel, Belfast when the incident is said to have occurred.

Eyewitnesses claim the mother-of-five was clutching a large inflatable penis and screaming ‘get her bucked’ which attracted the attention of a group of males from the Sandy Row area.

Mrs McMelter informed the men the divorcee’s vagina was ‘atein the leg clean aff her’ and asked if they could help rectify the situation.

As a result, the divorcee was inundated with offers from the men, all of whom claimed to be incredibly well endowed.

Paramedics arrived on the scene several minutes later and treated the divorcee for ‘cringe to the fanny’ and ‘Aftershock’.

Police arrested Mrs McMelter on suspicion of ‘GHB’ and one of the males for possession of a ‘concealed weapon’.

A PSNI spokesman said: ‘At around 11pm, officers were called to Bendydicks after reports a female was offered the ride by a group of males at the behest of her friend’.

’35-year-old Helen McMelter has now been charged with ‘Get Her Bucked’ with intent and will appear at Mutantards court next week’.

’29-year-old Drew Peacock was arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon’.

‘He was later released due to a lack of evidence’.

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