Local woman left badly shaken after falling on vibro plate

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A Dundonald woman was left ‘badly shaken’ after going head over arse on a vibro plate at her local gym, it has emerged.

Anna Robic (41) was performing a ‘side plank’ when her arm gave way beneath her sending her crashing face-first into a high-powered vibrating plate.

The mother-of-three’s head repeatedly bounced of the plate for 90 seconds before she was rescued by a Personal Trainer, probably called Kyle or Nathan.

Speaking from her bed in the Ulster Hospital’s Specialist Drama Unit, Mrs Robic told us:

‘I’m heading to Canary Islands next month so I Googled one of those there two-week body transformations thingys’.

‘There was a YouTube video about this here ‘hing called a vibro plate. It said you didn’t have to do f**k all, just stand there and the machine does all the work’.

‘Here’s me, that’ll do me’.

‘So I tried this here ‘hing called a side-plank’.

‘Any wonder it’s called that? Coz I looked a right plank when I went on my hole’.

Frequent gym-goer Andy Bolic (29) captured the ordeal on his mobile phone. He recalls:

‘I’d just ingested a large energy drink and was slipping into ‘beast mode’ when I saw some aul doll face-planting on the vibro machine’.

‘So I did what any young man my age would do in that situation and started recording it on my phone’.

‘I always have the phone with me. I mean, what’s the point of even going to the gym if you can’t let everyone on Insta know about it?’, he sobbed.

Despite the mishap, Anna is determined to achieve the beach-bod she desires within the next two weeks.

‘I’ve had to switch from fried to boiled rice with my Salted Chilli Chicken from the Chinkers’, she revealed.

‘And I’ve started drinking diet Coke with my forty ouncer of Vod on a Friday night’, she beamed.


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