‘Take your coat off or you won’t feel the benefit of it outside’ warns local woman

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A Dundonald woman is warning people about the dangers of wearing coats indoors, it has emerged.

As temperatures continue to plummet across the province, Helen McMelter is concerned people won’t experience the full benefits of a warm outer garment once they step outside.

The scented wax sales-rep has spent the past few weeks chastising such offenders in her own home.

‘I keep saying ‘til them, get thon big coat off ye or ya won’t feel the benefit of it outside’, said Helen.

‘There’s no point sitting in the house with more layers on ye than an onion then going outside and getting foundered’.

When asked to explain her theory, the mother-of-six said:

‘Obviously, your brain is confused because you’re wearing a coat in the house’.

‘When you go outside your brain forgets you’re wearing a coat and that’s how ya end up ball freezing’.

‘Something to do with yer hypothalamus or some ballix like that’.

Asked if she had any other tips for maintaining an optimum body temperature during the winter, Helen revealed:

‘If ya wear your coat in the house, don’t feel the benefit of it outside and come home foundered, always have a pair of jammies slung over the radiator’.

‘Yer brain will think you’re back inside with yer big coat on in a few seconds’.


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