Glider launch new West Belfast bus service

Translink have bowed to public demand by announcing a new service dedicated exclusively to West Belfast.

The new G-Unit service will link the Stewartstown Road, Andersonstown Road, Falls Road and Divis Street in the west and run alongside the existing G1 and G2 services.

Bosses at the transport company unveiled the newly refurbished bus interior earlier today amid much rejoicing among West Belfast residents.

Translink also revealed passengers over 60 will be entitled to a complimentary taser and pepper spray canister upon boarding.

‘Taking a ride on the previous Glider service was like the movie Con Air but on wheels’, said a Translink spokesman.

‘The safety of our passengers and staff is our top priority so we hope the new electrified cages will give everyone some peace of mind’.

In related news, it’s understood the retired drivers of the old No. 188 Ulster Bus service have offered to train the new G-Unit staff.

‘I used to ferry a bus full of teenagers from Ballybeen, Tullycarnet and the Braniel to school in the mornings’, said 188 driver Denny Wright.

‘If anyone knows what these poor bastards are going through, it’s us’, he added, while wiping a tear from his eye that wasn’t permanently damaged by laser pens.


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