Prods & Catholics rush out to buy Russian and Ukrainian ‘flegs’


Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland took a break from their own ethno-nationalist squabble to argue about the Ukraine-Russia invasion.

Russian forces have invaded Ukraine, with missile strikes and explosions reported near major cities and on its military infrastructure.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Northern Irish people were desperately trying to discover which of the Eastern European nations they should be lending their support to.

Big ‘Turk’ Young (43), from the loyalist Albertbridge Road wrote a Facebook post demanding to know: ‘Are the Russians like usuns or themuns?

‘The Russian fleg is red, white and blue and Ukrainian sounds a lot like Fenian, so I’ll be cheering the Ruskies on!’

‘Plus I like Putin… putin’ people out and putin’ people’s windies in’.

‘No surrender Vladimir, ya boy ye’.

Meanwhile, wee Dessi Dent (47) from Ardoyne was just as confused as his Loyalist counterpart about who he should pledge allegiance too.

‘The Ukrainians want independence like usuns but then again the Russians want to reunite their lands, also like usuns. My head’s melted’.

‘Fuck it, I’ll just ring the Rock Bar. They’re bound to know which fleg usuns are’.

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