Council euthanizes rabid pensioner who attacked beloved family pet Rottweiler

A pensioner is to be humanely destroyed following an ‘unprovoked attack’ on a beloved family pet, it has emerged.

78-year-old Sadie Savage was seized by the council this morning after a public outcry over the incident.

Owners of the pet, a cute 11-stone Rottweiler called Satan, claim the dog was set upon by the grandmother in a sustained and frenzied attack.

Describing the terrifying moment the old lady shuffled past his house with the aid of a Zimmer frame, owner Big Hatchet Henderson told us:

‘Satan was minding his own business chewing a big hole in the shed when suddenly this untamed auld doll appeared out of nowhere’.

‘She should’ve known better than to startle the poor dog like that because he jumped over the fence to defend himself by biting her around her throat’.

‘It took six of us to prise Satan’s jaws open. The poor thing lost three of his wee teeth which are still lodged in the auld doll’s neck’.

The attack caused widespread revulsion among the local community with many people online calling for tougher penalties for irresponsible granny owners.

‘My thoughts are with Satan at this time. No dog should have to go through an ordeal like that. What was an untethered old lady doing wandering the streets alone anyway?’, wrote one headcase.

‘There’s no such thing as a bad granny, just bad owners. I own two grannies myself. They can be loving and docile creatures. They’re only dangerous in the wrong hands’, wrote another balloon.

It’s understood the council will put Sadie to sleep this evening.

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