Dundonald man accused of having gutties which are scrappers pleads not guilty

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A Dundonald man has pleaded not guilty after being accused of possessing gutties which are scrappers.

32-year-old Andy Trainor has been charged with wearing Gola gutties in a public place on 19th June 2021.

The stay-at-home-son denied the charges and advised the judge to ‘shut the fuck up’ because they were a gift from his mother.

The judge granted bail on the condition Mr Trainor took himself round to JD Sports and bought himself ‘a half-decent pair of sneakers’.

Discussing the hearing outside Ards Courthouse, Mr Trainor said:

‘I strenuously deny the claims my gutties are scrappers’.

‘Gola is a decent make. My mother said they set her back somewhere in the region of thirty pounds sterling’.

‘I’m not sure what type of society we live in these days when a man cannot walk freely down the street in a pair of Gola gutties. Next thing you know they’ll be saying my Adidas 4 stripe trackies are shite too’.

Trainor’s father was arrested on suspicion of dealing Avon on the same day.

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