Falls Road shows solidarity with Carole Baskin after Tiger King 2 launch

A mural of animal rights activist Carole Baskin has appeared on the Falls Road following the release of Netflix true crime documentary series Tiger King 2.

According to community representatives, residents painted the mural to show their solidarity with Baskin as she continues to face ongoing speculation she was involved in the disappearance of Don Lewis, her second husband.

Millionaire Lewis mysteriously disappeared in 1997 with many accusing Baskin of feeding him to the tigers they kept on their big cat sanctuary.

The release of Tiger King 2 has thrown fresh light on the subject with Baskin once again facing intense public scrutiny.

However, Falls Road residents said they’re standing by Carole:

‘Don was never in the meat grinder’, said West Belfast native Gerry Adams.

‘We totally refute allegations of Carole’s involvement and regard them as nothing more than Netflix propaganda’.

‘The people of the Falls Road are showing solidarity with Carole and all the cool cats and kittens in the 32 counties of Ireland’, added the 73-year-old.

However, in typical Northern Irish fashion, residents of the Loyalist Tigers Bay area have unveiled a new mural supporting Carole’s rival Joe Exotic.

The Tigers Bay King

‘Joe has blonde streaks, flamboyant shirts and likes guns. Why, he’s practically an honorary Loyalist’, said a Tigers Bay community representative.

‘Release the prisoners nai’, they added.

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