Your ma still calling Ards Shopping Centre ‘Woolco’

Your ma and all her friends are still referring to Ards Shopping Centre as ‘Woolco’, it has emerged.

Despite the fact that the commercial premises was rebranded as Ards Shopping Centre during the late 90s, the women are refusing to acknowledge the change.

Big Ethel from Ballybeen Estate told us, ‘Every Saturday since the 70s I’ve gotta a taxi down to Ards to do a bitta shappin. When I rings the depo and they ask me where I’m going I say Woolco. They know what I mean straight away’.

‘When the taxi driver asks me ‘Where to luv?’ I tell him Woolco as well. The tattoos on his forearms would lead to believe he’s done a few people in in his day but he still has the manners not to correct me’.

Wee May from Tullycarnet also still refers to it as Woolco. She explained, ‘Why wuda say Ards Shappin Centre? That’s three words and Woolco is one. It’s just common sense’.

She continued, ‘It’s the same with the shaps in Dundanal. I still get a taxi to Wellworse (Wellworths) every Saturday, I don’t care what ya call it nai, it’ll always be Wellworse to me’.

Not everyone however understands what these women mean.

May’s thirteen-year old-grandson told us, ‘I haventa clue what she’s on about half the time. She rings me the other week and says ‘I’m away to Woolco luv. Wud ya like me to bring ya back we tub of Creamola Foam’.

‘Creamola Foam? Sure I don’t even shave yet. I’ve a chin like Duncan Goodhew’s kneecap’, he added.

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