Tom Jones beds Sandy Row granny who threw her Union Jack knickers at him in Benedicts

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Legendary lothario Tom Jones had sex with a Sandy Row woman after she threw her Union Jack underwear at him following his Custom House Square gig on Tuesday night.

Wilma Dickfitt (69) was on a hen do with friends in Benedicts Hotel when she spotted the Welsh crooner downing Jägerbombs at the bar.

The grandmother said when the ‘Help Yourself’ singer sent a round of strawberry daquiris over to her table she decided to show her appreciation.

She told us: ‘I was minding my own bees wax when Tom sent a tray of daquiris over for me and the girls’.

‘The next thing I know my mates are baitin’ me round the head with their giant inflatable dicks and tellin’ me to fling my keks at him’.

‘So I chucks my good Union Jack knickers which land on his silver perm’.

‘The big lad was straight over dummy buckin’ the hole clean aff me and askin’ me up to his room’.

Asked if she accompanied Mr Jones back to his hotel suite, the retired pallet stacker said:

‘A lady doesn’t kiss and tell. But put it this way, my good leopard skin dress is at the cleaners after a few of Tom’s sex bombs went off prematurely’.

We caught up with Mr Jones, still clutching Wilma’s knickers, outside a South Belfast GUM clinic.

‘This Union Jack came down without any protest’, he grinned.

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