NI bonfire sites unveil new ‘fanzones’ for Euro 2020 final

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Bonfire sites across the province have unveiled their new state of the art fanzones for Sunday’s Euro 2020 final.

Games will be screened on 50” Smart TVs which lucky organisers found lying in the middle of the road after they’d fallen off the back of a lorry.

Fans can enjoy the showpiece final in style on one of the many busted sofas strewn across the bonfire sites.

‘Futball and fire, sure where else would ya get it?’, asked Dundonald Fanzone organiser and bonfire technician Woody Burns.

‘The arena has full bar facilities, food options and entertainment before and after games’.

‘The lads will be selling tins of green for a poun’ and ‘Bap’ McBride’s ma will bring out the tamata & spawm samiches at half-time’, said Woody.

‘Before kick-off there’ll be some mixed-aged category bare-bellied amateur baxin’ and a Sonic the Hedgehog bouncy castle for their kids’, he added.

Well-respected and well-feared community representative Basher Magee officially opened the Dundonald fanzone this morning by smashing a bottle of ASDA’s own Prosecco off a stack of pallets.

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