Ian Paisley Jr breaking up the band and launching solo career

Ian Paisley Jr has announced he’s splitting up with Van Morrison and launching a solo career, according to NME.

It’s the end of an era for what many regard as one of Northern Ireland’s most successful boybands.

The Samaritans has set up a special helpline to offer counselling to fans distressed by the split.

The duet played what turned out to be their farewell gig at the Europa Hotel last week during which they plugged their new single called ‘Robin Swann Is Really Dangerous So He Is’.

Paisley made the announcement in a Tweet which read:

‘Van and I have decided to consciously uncouple after one long night on the road’.

‘I’m off to Sri Lanka for a couple of months to pen a new solo album’.

When asked what we can expect to hear on the new album, the 54-year-old said:

‘There’ll be a bit of drum and bass in there. Some techno house. And obviously a lot of flute’.

Paisley praised his former bandmate Van Morrison and is open to a reunion tour sometime in the future.

‘At the £350 a ticket you’d be fucking mad not to’.

‘Fair play to Van. Here’s a man who kept his bucket shut throughout The Troubles. But ask the wee cunt to wash his hands and he writes three protest albums’.

Paisley’s new album ‘Straight Outta the Maldives’ is due for release this summer.

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