Enniskillen woman recovering well after having knife removed from her back

An Enniskillen woman is recovering well after having a knife removed from her back.

The unemployed 50-year-old was admitted to the Ulster Hospital’s Specialist Drama Unit yesterday morning after complaining of sharp pains between her shoulder blades.

It was then doctors discovered a large blade, similar to a ceremonial sword, was lodged in her back.

Surgeons managed to remove the weapon following a complicated four hour procedure before passing it to the PSNI for fingerprinting.

Speaking from her bed, the woman told us:

‘I’m not sure who put the knife there. It could’ve been anyone really’.

Asked if she knew why she might have been attacked, the woman replied:

‘Maybe it’s because I don’t hate the gays as much as I’m supposed to or have the haircut of a gay?’.

Head of the Specialist Drama Unit, Dr Steph O’Scope, said the woman’s injuries were some of the worst she’s seen.

‘I don’t think I’ve seen a backstabbing like it in my life’.

‘We’ve advised her rest up for next 30 years and avoid activities such as politics, renewable energy schemes and Free Presbyterianism’.

Meanwhile, PSNI Sgt Rob Banks said it’s likely the woman was had more than one attacker.

‘There were multiple stab wounds which would suggest there were a large number of people involved in the attack’.

Describing the injuries, Sgt Banks said:

‘Messages such as ‘climate change is a myth’ and ‘the Earth is 4000 years old’ were carved into her back. Our handwriting experts are looking into it’.

The PSNI have also confirmed a 55-year-old Lisburn man is helping detectives with their enquiries.

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