Frank Mitchell mural completed despite outcry in Dundonald


A new mural of notorious NI weatherman Frank Mitchell has appeared in Dundonald despite the objections from locals there.

The depiction of Mitchell, with the chilling words ‘Take care. Be good. Bye bye’ has appeared on a wall facing a primary school in Dundonald.

Work on the mural had been suspended following objections from local representatives because it covered up another mural dedicated to a local murder squad.

It’s thought the painting is a direct response to a Barra Best mural which recently appeared in Lisburn.


Dundonald PSNI Sgt Rob Banks said the community was angered by the decision to proceed with the mural of UTV’s infamous weatherman.

“I think it’s a disgrace and it doesn’t represent the views of all the weather watchers in the area”.

“Some viewers prefer thon bald fella Barra Best to deliver their daily dose of the weather”.

“Furthermore, the community is outraged that a much cherished mural honouring their favourite murder gang has been covered over with Frank”.

Dundonald Independence Committee (DIC) Head Barry Mellon said the mural only succeeded in glorifying weathermen.

“Is this the message we want to send to our children? Grow up and stand in front of a green screen telling us all what we can already see out the f**king windy?”

“Never mind weather watchers Frank, just watch yer back wee man”.

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