Dundonald youths test positive for Combat-18

A group of Dundonald youths have tested positive for Combat 18, it has emerged.

The teens were rushed to a nearby library where they were administered a critical dose of education.

Local authorities were alerted this morning when racist graffiti appeared in Dundonald’s Moat Park.

Dundonald PSNI officer Sgt Rob Banks told us:

‘This is perhaps the worst graffiti supporting a right wing organization to appear in the Moat Park this week’.

‘Whilst it’s highly commendable they got the swastika the right way round for once, rest assured these teens will have the book thrown at them’.

‘Most likely a history book’.

Meanwhile, local residents rushed to social media to express their disgust at the incident.

‘I don’t mind the wee ‘Irish Out’ or ‘Romas Out’ out ones all over the place but they’ve gone too far this time’, tweeted one woman.

‘Somebody needs to wash this off immediately. It’s an eyesore’, wrote another man who’s spent the past 30-years painting the gable walls of petrified residents.

Eyewitnesses claim they saw a group of teens in grey jogging bottoms and black North Face jackets loitering outside the park around 11pm last night.

As a result, police have been able to narrow it down to around 11,000 suspects.

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