Nicole Kidman offered flat in Carnet House

Get a DLA bake mask

Nicole Kidman has been offered a flat in Carnet House after confessing she fell in love with Belfast while filming here.

Nicole and her four children are currently staying in a Belfast Holiday Inn whilst her application for a new dwelling is being processed by the Housing Executive.

The actress also dropped a huge hint she may be packing in her job by changing her job title on her Facebook profile to ‘Yummy Mummy’.

Locals are reportedly furious the Australian is on the waiting list for a flat and their anger intensified when they discovered the Bewitched star had already applied for a crisis loan.

One local resident, Shazzy told us:

‘Who does she think she is? Bunkin’ the list and getting a flat straight away?

‘What is it? Four kids by four different fellas? Absolute Tramp’.

Another resident, Jimbo, told us:

‘Whenever I heard there was a famous bitta fanny moving in ’til my black a flats, I was like, happy days.

‘Then I found out it was yer woman Nicole Kidman. Just what Belfast needs. Another pasty ginger bitch with four wee’ans’ knockin’ about’.

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