Trump going off Twitter for a while

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Donald Trump announced he’s taking a break from Twitter following a minor coup at Capitol Hill.

In a tweet to his near 89 million Twitter followers this morning, the 45th President of the United States said:

‘Deleting this thing for a while. Too many people carrying tales back to Biden. If anyone needs me, text me’.

Armed supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol building and forced a lockdown after the 74-year-old merely hinted they should do exactly that during a speech.

Trump’s decision to deactivate Twitter has been perceived by many as an attempt to wash his hands of the insurrection attempt.

Defending his inflammatory speech, Trump tweeted:

‘I merely implied these men should bear arms and storm the building. It was all tongue firmly in cheek’.

‘How’d they even get in there anyway? Somebody should build a big wall around congress to keep these people out’.

Meanwhile, British counterpart Nigel Farage has implored the President to reconsider his decision.

Writing underneath Trump’s post in the comments section, Brexit pioneer Farage said:

‘Don’t delete it hun. Time for a clear out me thinks’.

‘Hope I survive the cull chick Xx’, added Farage.

However, one expert in the field of social media related drama believes Trump’s post is nothing more than a baseless attention seeking threat.

Dr Steph O’Scope, head of the Specialist Drama Unit at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre argued:

‘This is announcement is nothing more than a shameless ploy to gain sympathy in the wake of his election defeat’.

‘Once he gets the required amount of attention, he absolutely won’t follow through with his threat to delete Twitter’.

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