BREAKING: Herd of wild Karens spotted rampaging through Belfast

A herd of wild Karens have been spotted rampaging through Belfast.

It’s understood the Karens went berserk after one of the pack was refused her right to speak to the manager of a city centre convenience store.

The incident is believed to have occurred around 1500BST when one Karen was denied entry to a shop after refusing to wear a face covering.

When her request to speak to a senior member of staff was declined, the Karen tried to force her way into the premises.

A female member of security trailed the Karen back into the soggy streets of Belfast by the asymmetric fringe and told her to ‘fuck away off’ somewhere around the vicinity of her own front door.

Eyewitnesses claim the Karen began hurling abuse at staff and vowed to return with company, claiming they would collectively ‘roll some balls’.

At approximately 1530BST the PSNI received reports from terrified shopkeepers that a herd of wild Karens were running amok in the city centre.

PSNI spokesperson Officer Goodfellow told us: ‘We responded to a call regarding a pack of wild Karens causing mayhem in Belfast city centre’.

‘Officers at the scene managed to repel a stampede involving around 30 Karens in leopard-print leggings’.

‘The Karens are now helping officers with their enquiries at Musgrave Street police station’.

One local proprietor who witnessed the whole thing said: ‘All this commotion over a refund for a damaged Love, Live, Laugh wall sticker’.

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