Sammy Wilson is the new face of Dior

Sammy Wilson’s star continues to rise. Both politically — his denial of global warming and COVID-19 has been commended by Donald Trump —and in the beauty realm, as evidenced by his latest coup: being named the face of Dior’s new male fragrance, SAMMY.

The 67-year-old East Antrim MP made the announcement this afternoon on Twitter, expressing his excitement about joining forces with the storied French fashion brand to his 18k followers. “Little 14-year-old Sammy would not have even thought about this while stealing my da’s Brute!” he wrote.

Wilson’s fans might assume the fragrance is named exclusively after the DUP chief whip. Not so. According to Yann Musquin, international marketing director of Dior Fragrances, the scent’s moniker derives from all the Sammys out there, either in name or spirit.

“This is a fragrance for all the Sammy Wilsons out there. The underrepresented voice of the conservative over-60 white male in Northern Ireland will no longer be silenced. As a show of solidarity for all the Sammys around the world – particularly those in East Antrim – we’re asking everyone to squirt a bit of Sammy at 8pm tonight,”.

The perfume incorporates notes of rose, bergamot, and gammon. “I was fortunate enough that they let me have some input. The gammon was my suggestion,” says Wilson, who notes that Old Spice and Lynx Africa were his go-to scents before his collaboration with Dior.

The fragrance has gone down a treat with some of Sammy’s constituents in Larne, who say it’s improved their chances with the ladies.

“Before I bought Mr Wilson’s aftershave, I was absolutely hopeless with the women”, claims 54-year-old Dick Randy.

“But just one wee squirt of Sammy and I’m beating the fanny off with a stick at the dancin”, he added.

SAMMY is available to buy at DUP offices across the province. RRP £16.90.

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