Woman who wrote ‘come at me 2020’ last NYE really regretting it now

A Dundonald woman who dared 2020 to come at her is sorely regretting it now, it has emerged. 

Every New Year’s Eve, Helen McMelter’s Facebook followers eagerly anticipate her long winded post in which she reviews her year.

After blaming everyone but herself for another 12-months worth of disastrous life choices, Helen will normally sign off with a war cry about the year ahead being ‘her year’.

Last New Year’s Eve, the 36-year-old challenged 2020 to ‘come at’ her.

However, having spent the last 5 months in lockdown making shite TikToks and eating take-aways, Helen regrets what she said.

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‘I’ll nat be making the same mistake this New Year’s Eve’, she explained.

‘Til be honest with ye, I’ll nat be writing a review of 2020. Sure I’ve already uploaded every waking second of it til social media’.

‘And I sure as fuck won’t be asking 2021 to come at me. I think this year I’ll just write something like ‘In your own time 2021, just you take her easy there luv’.

‘There’ll be hardly any drama next year anyways. I said at the beginning I was keeping my circle small. Just me and the kids, that’s it. And my ma, abviously. Be lost without her, especially at the weekends’.

‘And my ex who calls round for the odd ride when he’s dropping off my maintenance’.

Helen admits that she took her pre-COVID liberties for granted and won’t make the same mistake once the pandemic is over.

‘Ach it’s just the wee things ya miss, isn’t it? Like a Sunday sesh in the Con Club or spending a wee night in A&E will all the aul faces’.


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