IFA to replace national anthem with Bits & Pieces for Cup final

The Irish FA have announced they will replace the national anthem with the legendary Smick anthem ‘Bits & Pieces’ before tomorrow’s Irish Cup final between Glentoran and Ballymena.

The move comes after the IFA’s DJ received a written request from Glentoran fans.

‘I don’t usually do requests’, explained DJ Sammy C.

‘But The Glens went to the effort of submitting it in writing on this lovely headed paper’, he said while showing off the letter.

This week’s offer from Fletcher Meats

Famous supporter Van Morrison welcomed the decision. He said:

‘Fuck it’s been a while since I heard that wee cheeser. The place will go nuts if they drop that before kick-off. I might see if I can get my mits on a few yokes’.

Bits & Pieces, released in 1994, was a dance track played at every country club and hotel disco on loop for the better part of a decade.

However, not everyone was welcomed the move with several clubs contacting the IFA to voice their disapproval.

Big Sandy Whiteside, chairman of the South Belfast Linfield Drinking Troupe, expressed his anger at the decision.

‘The IFA are a disgrace. If they’re gonna play an ‘old skool’ track, then it has to ‘Flex flex superflex’.

‘Me and the boys threw a quare few shapes to thon back in the day, let me tell ye’, he gurned.

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