Rastamouse pulled from UK streaming services

Children’s TV show ‘Rastamouse’ has been pulled from streaming services following accusations it promotes negative stereotypes of West Indian mice.

The show follows crime busting mouse reggae band ‘Da Easy Crew’, who split their time between making music and solving mysteries for ‘Da President of Mouseland’.

Rastamouse received complaints from Caribbean mice who claimed the show portrayed them as ‘rodents just sitting around getting baked on rasta cheese’.

‘It’s not an accurate portrayal of how talking mice with dreadlocks really live’, Tweeted a mouse called Jerry.

One other mouse, Mickey, criticised the accuracy of Rastamouse’s accent:

‘You can so tell the lead mouse has never set a paw in Jamaica’.

However, S. Gonzales who plays the role of Rastamouse in the series has defended the show:

‘We’re emphasising to small children the importance of solving problems through mutual understanding, love and respect, without resorting to violence’.

He ended the tweet with the hashtag #makeabadtinggood.

In other news, ITV has confirmed it’s destroyed the master copies of its 1998 sitcom ‘Babes in the Wood’ in a fire.

‘It wasn’t racist. It was just absolutely shite’, confirmed an ITV spokesman.

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