Dundonald woman to show appreciation for NHS tonight with Facebook check-in at A&E

A Dundonald woman is breaking convention in order to show her appreciation for the NHS tonight, it has emerged. 

In what has become a weekly tradition, most of the nation comes together each Thursday as part of the Clap For Our Carers campaign, to publicly recognise the efforts of the NHS workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic every day.

However, those who don’t participate are often named and shamed on Facebook by their sanctimonious neighbours who will applaud until their hands bleed.

But now Dundonald woman Helen McMelter is planning to show her appreciation in her own unique way.

‘The clapping’s boring the t*ts off me now til be honest with ye’, explained Helen.

‘It’s becoming a contest to see who can clap the longest, who can shout ‘yeeoo’ the loudest and who has the biggest rainbow on their windies’.

‘So tonight at 8 a’clack, I’m gonna check myself in at the Ulster on Facebook. Just for old times’ sake’.


The 34-year-old, who claims to suffer from an so far indeterminable condition, was a weekly visitor to the Ulster Hospital’s A&E Department prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

After alerting her Facebook friends to her precise location, Helen would add a cryptic caption like: ‘Oh here we go again’.

‘It’s been a good 8 or 9 weeks since I’ve sat in A&E. It’s usually a 5 or 6hr wait coz it’s packed. Half the people up there have f**k all wrong with them. I should know, I see them up there all the time’.

Meanwhile, head of the Ulster’s Specialist Drama Unit, Dr Steph O’Scope believes there are other ways you could show your appreciation for the NHS.

‘Instead of standing at your front door clapping like a retarded seal every Thursday night, why don’t you stop queuing for 2hrs to fill your fat head with a bucket of fried chicken or keep our A&E as empty as it was during the lockdown?’.

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