Dunlady House resident gives Daniel O’Donnell 24hrs to get out Dundonald after surprise visit

GETinCompetitions-logoIrish Country sensation Daniel O’Donnell was whisked away under threat after an impromptu visit to a County Down nursing home, it has emerged. 

The 58-year-old affectionately known as ‘wee Daniel’, was given a police escort to his home in Meenbanad, County Donegal, after an elderly resident accused the singer of ‘touchin’ for his wife.

89-year-old ‘Mad Dog’ Maginty and his 87-year-old wife Fanny both reside in Dunlady House, a care home on the outskirts of Dundonald.

The pair were enjoying a game of backgammon when the suave crooner suddenly appeared at their window while belting out a rendition of “My Donegal Shore”.

While nursing staff and patients swooned at the heartthrob, ‘Mad Dog’ Maginty claims he saw O’Donnell wink at elderly Fanny.

Maginty, a former commander of the Dundonald Liberation Army, opened the window and drenched the ‘Footsteps’ singer in a bed pan full of his urine.

Staff and patients looked on in horror as Maginty told O’Donnell he had 24-hours to get out of Dundonald or ‘face a de-beggin’.

One eyewitness, wee Sally Tattler, told us:

‘I was just having my arse wiped when suddenly I heard the dulcet tones of that sexpot Daniel O’Donnell’.

‘I thought someone had stuck a CD on. But sure, didn’t I near sh*t when I saw the big lad himself at the windie’.

‘All us aul dolls lined up the chairs and sat watching him sing. There wasn’t a dry gusset in the house’.

‘That’s when jealous hole, ‘Mad Dog’, got the hump and soaked the poor crater in his pish’.

We caught up with ‘Mad Dog’ this morning to get his version of events.

‘I don’t give an F what they all say, he was on the touch for Fanny’, barked Maginty while a gagging care worker rubbed Sudocreme on his scrotum.

‘So I told the smarmy f**ker, if he winked at my Fanny again I’d have him de-begged’, he added.

Meanwhile, O’Donnell has dismissed the claims as ‘a lot of aul tittle-tattle’ and vowed to continue performing for care residents during the lockdown.

‘Sure it passes the time for me, takes nothing out of me and gives a wee bit of a change of atmosphere to those people who are in the hospitals and various places’.

‘Now, would anyone like a wee cup in their hand?’, he grinned like a sadistic maniac.

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