Emotional scenes as deaf man hears his bin men

There were emotional scenes this morning after a deaf man heard for the first time in 30-years.

Dundonald man Joe McMelter lost his hearing as a child in an incident involving a cap gun.

However, the 40-year-old was overcome with emotion when he was able to hear bin men emptying his recycling boxes this morning.

It was 8:00 AM local time when the refuse collectors entered Joe’s street and produced a sound which registered at an astonishing 194 decibels.

The noise circled the Earth five times in every direction and shattered the eardrums of Portavogie fishermen 30 miles away.

It’s understood the record-breaking sound was generated by two bin men who repeatedly shouted ‘Yo’ at each other from across the street.

The noise smashed windows and flattened trees while local residents still in their night attire spilled into the street with blood streaming from their ears.

Joe McMelter told us:

‘I thought I’d treat myself to a wee lie in this morning as I’m off work… since I left school’.

‘But around 8am an unnecessarily loud squeaking mechanical device entered my street which I’ve since been informed was a bin lorry’.

Joe broke down in tears as he described the first sound he’d heard in 30-years:

‘The two fellas kept shouting ‘Yo… Yo… Yo…’ with each ‘Yo’ getting progressively louder’, he wept.

‘At first I thought ‘you selfish f**king b*stards’ but then I realised they’d given me my hearing back’.

‘On the downside, I can hear my Helen and the kids’.


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