Drive-thru Bushmills church gets man’s order wrong

A Bushmills man was left furious after a drive-thru church ballsed up his order, it has emerged. 

Joseph Christiansen (41) visited the Bushmills branch of McJesus with his family last Sunday afternoon.

The self-employed joiner claims the pastor at the window made ‘a right ballix’ of his order and urged others to avoid the church at all costs.

In a long winded post on his own Facebook account, Joseph ranted:

‘Never again will me or my family be back near the Bushmills branch of McJesus’.

‘After queuing for an eternity, we finally got to the window to place our order’.

‘I specifically asked for a Big Prayer Meal for me, a PLAIN McSermon Sandwich Meal for Mary and two Baby Jesus Meals for the kids’.

‘Firstly, they said the order would take 15 minutes and asked us to wait in God Space #1′.

’45 minutes later the pastor appears with our order. But when Mary opened the bag her McSermon Sandwich Meal was dressed, there was only 1 Baby Jesus Meal and the dickhead forgot the dips’.

‘I had to join the massive queue again to get back to the window to tell them the order was wrong’.

‘After another 30 minute stint in God Space #1 the pastor arrived with our order which was freezing’.

‘AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!’, he signed off.

Two days after the incident and Joseph is adamant that McJesus has lost his custom forever.

‘It’s rotten and never fills you anyway. Half an hour later and you’re starving again. No, that’s it. Homemade burgers and chips from now’, he beamed while his distraught children sobbed uncontrollably.


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