Outrage as Syrian hamster given cage before local hamster

A family of Syrian hamsters will be moving into a brand new cage in a local pet shop after the proprietor could not find any local hamsters to give it to.

But many pets in the store have reacted with outrage that a refugee family will receive the property rather than animals from Belfast.

Some even labelled it a ‘shackin decision’ with the issue sparking a huge debate on social media for a wee change.

A gerbil writing under the name ‘Basher’ Magee remarked: ‘I’m not racist but…’

‘So this family of refugees just gets given a brand spanking new cage adapted for somebody who is disabled because there were no other candidates?

‘I find that extremely annoying, being that my mum has pretended she’s disabled for years and has been on the list for an adapted cage for 3 years.

‘And that I myself applied for a cage along with my wife and 37 children and got refused, even though we are in a two-bed cage at present.

‘It’s overcrowded and I have to travel 35 feet daily in a perspex ball to care for my granddad who lives in a cage at the other end of the shop’.

‘When are people born and bred and who work hard in this pet shop ever going to be considered before bloody outsiders?’

‘Rant over’, he added.

Meanwhile, the PSNI is investigating what it’s describing as a hate crime after ‘foreigners out’ was spray painted on the side of the Syrian hamster’s cage last night.

4 thoughts on “Outrage as Syrian hamster given cage before local hamster

  1. Make sure the wee canny ratfact doesnt have the cnnyballyhammy virus befor ya stik it down yaer bra strap missus.


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