Man has stroke at ATM after accidentally checking his balance

A Dundonald man has suffered a stroke after inadvertently checking his bank balance while lifting money from an ATM.

37-year-old Sammy Sterling nipped to a cash point in Dundonald Village this morning to lift ‘a score note for fegs’.

However, at some point during the automated transaction, Sammy accidentally hit ‘yes’ when prompted if he would like to check his available balance.

When the electrician realised his mistake he repeatedly pressed cancel on the keypad.

But before he knew it he was staring at a numerical figure which resembled the gross national deficit of Mozambique.

A dog walker found Mr Sterling on the ground clutching his chest with one hand and a printed balance in the other.

Speaking from his bed in the Ulster Hospital’s Special Drama Unit, Sammy recalled:

‘I’d been flat out on the pish yesterday and knew I’d spent a clean fortune. So the last thing I wanted to do was check my f**king balance’.

‘But while I was using the ATM, some d*ckhead I musta knew beeped the horn and distracted me’.

‘That’s when I accidentally checked my available balance’.

‘Ah it was f**king desperate’.

‘Over the overdraft, the heap’, he sobbed.

Dr Steph O’Scope told other ATM frequenters to let Mr Sterling’s experience serve as a warning:

‘Never check your balance. It’s bad for your health. Just keep trying to lift money and when you don’t hear that wee drum roll, you know you’re f**ked’.


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