Woman in comments section breaks arm after falling off her high horse

A Dundonald woman has broken her arm in two places after falling off her high horse, it has emerged.

Helen McMelter was thrown from the animal while adding her tuppence worth in the comments section of an online news article.

The 35-year-old, who only last week was telling everyone to be kind, took to social media this morning to call some school children ‘vile twats’.

Helen, who grew up in an era without smartphones or social media, demanded they make a ‘public apology’ for their actions.

‘Publicly shame them! Expel them! Let this one thing shape the rest of their lives’, she typed while foaming at the mouth.

‘Never mind the school or their parents, let a Facebook trial decide their fate’, she added.

Then suddenly, the horse jolted and Helen was thrust from her might steed of moral integrity.

The mother-of-two suffered a break of both her radius and ulna while protecting herself from the fall.

It’s unclear what caused the horse to jolt but some believe it may have been a comment written by a woman who claimed she went to school with Helen.

‘Helen used to make derogatory terms about the disabled and those with special needs all the time’, alleged her old classmate Kelly McDramagh.

‘Yeah, Helen spent the better part of the 90s calling people names such as ‘spaz’, ‘spazmo’ & ‘window licker’, revealed Kelly.

‘Of course, she’ll deny this now. Fortunately for Helen there were no camera phones or social media back then’.

‘Thank f**k for that’, added Kelly, who thought about all the things she said and did while a teenager and regrets as an adult.






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