Local Ma ‘accidentally’ opens her son’s post again

A local mother has ‘accidentally’ opened another letter her son received in the post, it has emerged.

Sally Pryer noticed the letter addressed to her son (Paul) which was clearly marked as confidential when sorting through her own mail this morning.

Despite this, the 61-year-old housewife opened the envelope while her ‘stay-at-home’ son was at work.

Much to Sally’s horror, the letter addressed to her beloved son was from a local genitourinary medicine clinic revealing he’d tested positive for chlamydia.

When the 32-year-old joiner returned home from work he found his mother unconscious in the front hall still clutching the letter.

When he realised what had occurred, Paul suffered a severe panic-attack which lasted more than fifteen minutes.

‘Usually it’s just my bank statements and phone bills she reads. But how am I supposed to her look in the eye after this?’, questioned Paul.

‘It’s an invasion of my privacy. I was so annoyed about this earlier I even contemplated moving out and paying all my own bills but then I came to my senses’, he added.

Speaking while lying along the sofa with a cold flannel on her head, Sally said, ‘I thought he’d got himself into debt or something. Little did I know his dick’s been leaking like a butcher’s bin bag’.

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