Proclaimers no longer able to walk 500 miles & apply for mobility car

Scottish duo The Proclaimers were seen in a car showroom picking out a mobility car, it has emerged.

It follows reports the ageing pair are no longer able to make their arduous five hundred mile trek on foot.

For over thirty years the brothers have bragged about the thousands of miles they’ve clocked up in pursuit of fanny.

But it would appear the gruelling sex-driven hikes have finally taken their toll on the singers as they were spotted leaving a Ford car dealership late yesterday afternoon.

Car salesman Dick Crook told us, ‘I can confirm that two fairly similar looking Scottish lads were in here asking about mobility cars’.

‘They were looking for a used car with low mileage and a decent MPG’, he added.

Rumours about the brothers applying for Disability Living Allowance began circulating online late last year.

Identical twins Craig & Charlie Reid confirmed as much in a drunken expletive-laden tirade during a gig last month.

The Leith men bragged to stunned fans about how they were ‘on the tap whack DLA’.

A source at the HMRC believes the ‘King of the Road’ singers may have exaggerated the severity of their conditions.

‘The two b*stards breezed through that medical. They knew every answer. Bad backs my bollocks’, said our source.

‘They’re pro-claimers now alright’, they added.

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