Willie McCrea wounded in bitter Gospel feud drive-by

Musician Willie McCrea has been seriously wounded following a drive-by shooting linked to a Free Presbyterian gospel feud. 

McCrea, known professionally as Will. I . Am MC-Crea, was met by a hail of gunfire as he stood outside his Magherafelt recording studio around 9am this morning.

Eyewitnesses claim they saw a blacked-out Nissan Micra pull up outside the studio and a semi-automatic weapon appeared from the passenger side window.

The 71-year-old singer was shot 17 times in the legs and torso before the assailants sped off.

McCrea was rushed to the Mid-Ulster hospital were he remains in a stable condition.

As news of the shooting spread, sales of McCrea’s new album ‘Ghetto Gospel’ skyrocketed and propelled him back to the top of the charts.

It’s believed McCrea has been involved in a long running feud with ‘Rise and Be Healed’ singer Bill Dunn.

The pair, once close friends, fell out after McCrea released a diss track slamming what he perceived to be Dunn’s move away from the old school gospel sound.

Amid the escalating tensions between the warring gospel gangs, the PSNI have appealed for calm.

‘We understand there has been a longstanding beef between Willie and Bill’, said Officer Goodfellow.

‘The only way to settle this without any more senseless bloodshed is a Gospel battle. Now, everybody in da 313, put yo mothaf*ckin hands up and follow me’.

Speaking from his hospital bed, McCrea was in defiant mood:

‘Been hit wit a few shells but I don’t walk wit a limp – aiiiiiiiiiiit’.


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