Local woman’s ordeal after husband blown into pub

A Dundonald woman has revealed her harrowing ordeal after her husband was blown into a local pub by Storm Brendan.

Gale McMelter broke down in tears as she told reporters about her husband, Gusty, who is holed up in a nearby bar having narrowly avoided death.

According to Gale, Gusty left the house around 11am this morning with their beloved West Highland Terrier, Scotty.

Even though the shop was less than half a mile away, there was still no sign of Gusty several hours later and as the weather conditions worsened, Gale began to fear the worst.

‘He told me he was away til the shaps til get the papers’, recalled Gale.

‘The shap’s only a 10 minute dander, so I was worried sick when he didn’t come home’.

‘I was just about til ring the peelers when I gets a call from Gusty til lets me know he’d been blown into a wee pub down the road’.

‘He says he’s safe and well, and he’ll probably just stay there until the wind dies down a bit’.

‘He said he’d try to get home for his tea, that’s unless he gets blown into the bookies’.

We caught up with Gusty at his the local, The Turtle’s Head, where he was having a pint with other survivors of the storm.

When asked if he’d heard when the storm might pass, he said: ‘Aye, around closing time’.

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