East Belfast man charged with Frape

An East Belfast man has been accused of the ‘Frape’ of his best mate, it has emerged.

Sonny Ericsson (19) is alleged to have stolen a phone belonging to his friend, Samuel Sung (20), while he slept at house party during the early hours of Sunday morning.

While in possession of the phone, Mr Ericsson is alleged to logged onto Mr Sung’s Facebook account and created a status which read: ‘I love the cock. Yum. Yum’.

Mr Sung woke from his tonic wine induced slumber several hours later and immediately felt as though something had occurred without his consent.

‘When I woke up and saw Sonny lying beside me I knew something horrible had happened’, explained Mr Sung.

‘First I checked if my eyebrows were still there, which they were’.

‘Then I thought there might’ve been a spunking cock & balls drew on my forehead with permanent marker but no’.

‘That’s when I saw all the notifications flashing up on my phone and my heart sank’, he sobbed.

The ‘Frape’ attracted a host of interactions with Samuel’s Facebook friends, including comments such as:

‘Glad to see you’ve finally came out ya big root ye’

‘Tell us something we don’t know mate’

And ‘I’m telling yer ma’ from Samuel’s father, Big Samuel.

Samuel instantly deleted the offending status and posted a complete retraction which reaffirmed his heterosexuality and listed some of his prior sexual exploits with local women.

As revenge, Samuel sent a dick pic to Sonny’s family WhatsApp group causing his grandmother Agnes to leave the conversation.


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