New Jersey mob to have sit down with NI paramilitaries

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Three prominent members of the New Jersey-based DiMeo crime family are jetting into Belfast for a ‘sit down’ with a host of Northern Irish gangsters from either side of the political divide.

Details of ‘the meet’, which will take place in Belfast’s SSE Arena next year, were leaked to Belfast Live today

The DiMeo crime family is believed to have been formed in Northern New Jersey in the 1950s.

A delegation including ‘Big Pussy’ Bonpensiero, Christopher Moltisanti and Bobby Baccalieri, will arrive in Belfast next May.

And it’s estimated that hundreds of Northern Irish people involved in organised crime will be in attendance.

All of whom will be hoping to hear some useful tips for enterprises such as racketeering, loan-sharking, prostitution, drug-dealing and murder

A local source, who can’t be named until we’ve no further use for him, claims:

‘All the lads are buzzin’ for this here meetin’ with Tony Soprano’s crew’

‘Lukin’ forward to hearin’ what yer big man Bobby Balaclava has to say’

‘And I hope yer man Christopher steers clear of the City Centre of he’ll end up on the smack’.

However, locals were less enthused about the appearance of infamous ‘rat b**tard’ ”Big Pussy’ Bonpensiero’, with ‘TOUTS OUT’ graffiti already being daubed on gable walls across the province.



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