David Beckham reduced to tears on Barry’s Ghost Train

Global superstar David Beckham was reduced to tears after a ‘very scary’ experience in a Portrush theme park, according to reports.

The former Manchester United star (44) had to be consoled by his team of minders after taking a ride on the Ghost Train in Barry’s Amusements.

Beckham and his entourage descended upon the seaside resort yesterday as golf’s Open Championship fever gripped the coastal town.

The 115-cap England hero was spotted earlier today mingling with spectators and indulging in local delicacies such as a salty shite-tasting sea moss known as Dulse.

After breaking four of his veneers on a hard stick-shaped boiled sugar confectionery known locally as ‘rack’, the father-of-four made his way to a popular family attraction called Barry’s Amusements.

The former Real Madrid ace headed straight for a thrill twist ride known as ‘the Cyclone’ and emerged from it several minutes later ‘lukin a bit green ’round the aul gills’ according to one eyewitness.

‘Dave was the same shade’a green as my tap’, revealed one visitor from Belfast.

‘Whenever yer man at the controls saw Dave was gettin’ er tight, he kept speedin’ it up’.

‘As soon as the ride stapped, Dave staggered away then threw aff all over the shap. That’ll harden the sarong wearin’ ballbeg’, he laughed.

After suffering a mild case of whiplash on the dodgems, Beckham made his way over to a ‘Ghost Train’, a ride that moves slowly through a darkened tunnel decorated with horror related items such as skeletons, witches and ghosts.

The former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder waved at locals before disappearing into the tunnel along with his burly minder.

Several seconds later, witnesses recall hearing Beckham scream ‘like a big girl’s blouse’ which prompted locals to ‘laugh like f**k’.

The heartthrob emerged from the ride a minute later in the arms of minder and sobbing uncontrollably.

In other news, after a disastrous start to The Open, Tiger Woods was reported to be asking locals if they could get their ‘hands on a decent yokes’ as he prepares for a night out in Kellys.



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