Sean Paul to perform ‘We Be Burnin’ at Shankill bonfire opening ceremony

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Middle-aged Jamaican warbler Sean Paul, AKA ‘Shan-a Paaaal’, has been booked by local residents to perform at the Shankill bonfire this year, it has emerged.

After wowing the crowds with a mini-set which will include his hits ‘We Be Burnin’, ‘Temperature’ and ‘Ever Blazin’, the rapper will then set fire to the huge wooden structure by lobbing a petrol bomb from the adjacent stage.

It’s rumoured the resident’s group first choice was German dance act Scooter but they were already booked to perform at the controversial Chobham Street bonfire.

Sean Paul, real name Dave Brooks, rose to prominence in the early-noughties when he would appear unannounced during other musician’s recording sessions and ramble incoherent shite over the top of their singing.

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When asked if he’d ever lit a bonfire before, the rapper confidently replied, ‘Just gimme the light’.

When asked he if had any concerns about the safety of setting fire to such a tall wooden structure the Jamaican said, ‘We be burnin’ not concernin’ what nobody wanna say’.

The booking has gone down a storm with the younger residents who as a mark of respect have promised that no Jamaican flags will be burnt on the bonfire.

However, not everyone was pleased with the choice of artist for the evening’s entertainment.

Local resident Big Lilly Orange, 52, told us, ‘You call him wha? Sean Paul? There’s no way anyone with a Fenian name like that is getting’ up this road let me tell ye’.


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