7-yr-old Dundonald child develops mysterious thirst at bedtime

Doctors are trying to establish why a 7-year-old girl develops a sudden thirst at bedtime every night. 

Ats Us Nai – Get the Tee

So far doctors are at a loss to explain why Pyper Small becomes parched as soon as her pretty little head hits the pillow.

After setting up cameras to observe Pyper’s bedtime rituals, researchers discovered a range of other inexplicable symptoms including hunger, an irrational fear of the dark and repeatedly urinating.

‘I just hope they get to the bottom of it’, sobbed her father Stephen.

‘It must be awful needing water the second your head hits the pillow? I can’t imagine what she’s going through’.

Stephen then gave a brief insight into what a typical bedtime with Pyper would involve:

‘As soon as I switch off the light, it’s almost as if it triggers the thirst, even though I know that’s impossible’.

‘Then she’ll let me know exactly which cup she’d like the water in and off I’ll go to fetch it’.

‘Despite my repeated warnings about p*ssing the bed, she’ll chug the lot like a lost bushman in the kalahari sucking from his canteen’.

When asked if the demand for fluids might be some sort of ploy or stall tactic on his daughter’s part to stay awake for longer, Stephen chuckled:

‘Oh perish the very thought’.

‘What will you be telling me next? That she doesn’t want her dinner because she saw me putting ice-cream in the freezer?’.

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