Local man who told his wife he was skint about to spend £400 on Cheltenham

A Dundonald man who told his wife he was skint is about to gamble roughly £400 on the Cheltenham Festival today, it has emerged. 

Phil Docket (41) made it abundantly clear to his wife Beatrice (38) he wouldn’t be able to give her any money towards the bills this week because he was ‘f**kin fleeced’.

However, unbeknownst to Beatrice, Phil had been putting away a few quid every week since the last Cheltenham Festival which he kept hidden in the garden shed.

‘I do it every year, so a do’, beamed Phil while fanning himself with a wad of assorted bank notes.

‘It’s only a couple a quid every week but it adds up, so it does’, he explained.

‘She’s a full geg! I hand her a hundred quid a week. I dunno what the f**k she squanders her money on’, said Phil while sticking fifty quid each way on a large animal with a little Irishman on its back.

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Meanwhile, Beatrice was straight onto a WhatsApp group chat to complain to her friends who were coincidentally experiencing similar issues.

‘Couldn’t get the b**tard to take a day off for our Ethan’s sports day last year but mention gambling and drinking all day and the f**ker has it booked off a month in advance’, moaned Beatrice’s sister about her partner Paddy.

‘Our Victor would gamble on two flies crawling up the bloody walls’, moaned her cousin Kelly-Ann.

‘I’m sick telling him to stap the bookyin. If want something in this life you have to work hard for it’, typed Beatrice while Googling crisis loans.



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