Conor McGregor wins first fight in over 2 years

UFC star Conor McGregor spent the night celebrating inside a Florida jail cell after winning a fight for the first time since November 2016.

The Irish fighter recorded the win inside three seconds after he knocked his opponent’s phone out of his hand.

McGregor, 30, landed a strong left hand with his first connecting bitch-slap to secure the fastest ever victory of his dwindling career.

“Prosecco beats beer, Cocaine beats Speed,” McGregor said while being bundled into the back of a waiting squad car.

“I feel for the fan. He was a worthy opponent. He deserved to get a little bit longer out of his new phone.”, he added.

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McGregor was then whisked away to a Miami police station where he partied the night away with several male-rapists in an unsupervised lock-up.

We managed to catch up with the fan involved in the fight who challenged McGregor to a rematch inside a Miami court room.

“I’m coming for you Conor,” yelled the fan surrounded by his 20-strong entourage of lawyers.

However, the “Notorious” one was unavailable for comment this morning after it emerged his cell-mate Bubba also spend the night battering McGregor around the ring.



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