Long delays at Belfast International as airport makes Lagan Bar check-in compulsory

Belfast International Airport has come under fire over long delays and passengers queuing outside the airport in freezing conditions after making Lagan Bar drink-pics a compulsory part of the check-in process.

Airport chiefs were forced to apologise this morning when a 37-year-old man lost his left testicle to frostbite while stuck in a long snaking queue outside the building.

For years travellers have told friends, families and burglars they’re jetting off on holiday by checking-in at the Lagan Bar and uploading a photograph of a round of drinks along with the caption: “And so it begins”.

The practice of checking in at the Lagan Bar was so commonplace that airport chiefs decided to scrap the costly standard check-in process and instead told passengers to report straight to the bar with their boarding passes.

DLA Tee Ats us nai t-shirts! Get one nai!

However, the move has caused chaos inside the building with bar staff unable to deal with drinks orders and luggage at the same time.

Bar man Toby O’Jugg told us: ‘I gave up a handy wee job in Wetherspoons for this sh**e’.

‘You try making a strawberry daiquiri and moving some fat grumpy ballix to an aisle seat at the same time’, he moaned while shooing an inebriated man demanding dry roasted nuts.

A combination of inadequately trained staff and pissed passengers then resulted in huge delays with many people missing their flights.

‘Can we check in at the Lagan Bar online? This is a full ballix so it is’, Tweeted one disgruntled male passenger.

‘Can’t believe I won’t be able to upload a photo of my oily knees to Facebook’, Tweeted a woman who missed her flight.

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