Hans Gruber posthumously awarded Freedom of Belfast

Hans Gruber has been posthumously awarded the Freedom of Belfast, according to reports.

Gruber, an internationally-feared German terrorist and the mastermind behind the foiled Nakatomi Plaza heist, famously fell 30 stories to his death on Christmas Eve in 1988.

And more than 30 years after his untimely death, chiefs at Belfast City Council feel the time is right to commemorate the German.

Classically educated, Gruber was a prominent member of the Volksfrei, a radical West German terrorist movement which he was later expelled from.

A Belfast City Council spokesman said: ‘We’d like to bestow upon Hans the highest possible civic honour the City can offer’.

‘Whether it’s money for organised drunken fires or top government jobs, Northern Ireland has a long history of rewarding terrorism in the correct manner’.

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However, families of Gruber’s victims have described the award as ‘vile’.

May Takagi, widow of murdered businessman Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi, said:

‘It’s a tarbil slap in the bake for our family that murdering scum like Hans Gruber are getting awards’.

May, who relocated her family to East Belfast after her husband’s death, was left to raise their 5 children on her own.

‘My Joe gave his life for the Nakatomi Corporation and they never gave us a bean’, she sobbed.

‘I think it was all the hostages putting in distress claims and the company went bust’.

Hans Gruber’s nephew, a coal miner named Hans Bogen, was in Belfast this afternoon to accept the award on behalf of the family.

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