Local man taking the opportunity to let everyone know he’s never watched Game of Thrones

A Dundonald man is taking the opportunity to tell everyone on social media that he’s never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones ahead of the release of the new series.

37-yr-old Harry Kit from Culross Drive, Ballybeen, takes great delight in the fact that he’s never seen the a solitary edition of the long-running hit HBO series.

The plumber often dismisses the show as ‘Viking midget soft-porn’ and something he’s not likely to catch up on at any point.

As soon as the trailer for the upcoming series was aired, Harry took to social media to once again let everyone know he’d never watched it.

‘Game of Thrones statuses, yawn. I’ve got through life just fine without it, thank you’, he posted on Facebook.

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The status sparked a discussion among Harry’s bewildered Facebook friends who couldn’t believe he’d never watched their beloved show.

‘You’ve never seen Game of Thrones??? Where have you been living the past 8yrs??? F**king Mars???’, quizzed his cousin Diane whose profile pic was Peter Dinklage in full costume.

‘Oh you don’t know what you’re missing Harry. I’m addicted’, wrote his sister Carol who finished her comment with an emoji of a monkey covering its eyes.

As if the situation wasn’t volatile enough, Harry sent the internet into meltdown with another status which read:

‘And I’ve never watched thon Star Wars ballix either’.



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