William & Kate end up at house party in Belfast’s Holylands

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ended up at a house party in Belfast’s Holylands after a boozy first day of their visit to Northern Ireland, it has emerged.

Shocking footage emerged on social media this morning which shows the royal pair squabbling over the last line of Cocaine at a dwelling on Palestine Street.

The couple mingled with young people who are making a difference in Northern Ireland at the Empire Music Hall the previous evening.

But things took a turn for the worse when Kate insisted upon playing the ‘Oscar Pistorius Drinking Game’.

‘Everytime some c**t went to the toilet, we all took four shots’, recalls punter Stella McGuinness.

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‘By closing everyone was mangled but Will was asking who was partying’.

‘A couple of students said they were having a full on wing ding back in theirs’.

‘Next fing ya know there’s a fleet of armoured Range Rovers speeding towards the Holylands’.

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Onlookers describe the moment the royal convoy stopped at the notorious student residential area.

‘As soon as a security agent opened the door of the Land Rover, Kate pushed past him and boked in someone’s garden’, claims 2nd-year student Finbar O’Rourke.

‘Then Wills just whips the royal dick out and starts pishing up some poor f**kers front door’, he added.

Once inside the property, the Duke and Duchess demanded to know ‘who has the gear’ and spent the next few hours ingesting a large quantity of party drugs.

After partying the night away, the Duchess drew the short straw and was forced to do ‘the shap run’.

Kate was spotted in a local Centra wearing a counterfeit Juicy Couture tracksuit and ordering a dozen Jambons and some cartons of Sukie.

Asked if she’d enjoyed her stay in Northern Ireland’s capital thus far the royal responded: ‘Ats me aff it’.

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